The TAD M10 is our flagship radio. Designed in Canada in 1990's, the M10's compact design, versatile and user friendly features make the M10 a field operators number one choice. The alpha numeric, dimmable display allows you to toggle between channel number, name and frequency. The external squelch knob allows the user to easily and quickly cut out unwanted signal noise. The TAD M10 features 396 channels organized into 4 banks of 99 and the distinctly unique to TAD, DM3s mic with the up/down buttons on the microphone.

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Vertex Standard Radios

Vertex radios were founded in 1956 and is Japanese designed and engineered. Vertex is known for its compact designs, reliability, full feature radios that are all built to last at a great value. Vertex offers and extensive range of products from hand held portables to base stations to a digital IP connect solution. Innovation highlights, such as: eVerge DMR, a compact digital radio, an exclusive Auto-Range Transpond system connections monitor and an EVX-Link, which is an innovative IP connecting solution the will allow communications to multiple coverage areas easily and seamlessly no matter the distance and terrain!

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weBoost Cellular Boosters

weBoost cellular boosters can take a small amount of signal and amplify it in your vehicle, home or office. The boosters acts as a relay between you cell phone and the nearest cell tower.  weBoost cellular boosters work with every network and for any carrier and can boost the cellular and data signal up to 32x!

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Globalstar Satellite Phones and Data Systems

Globalstar 1700 is the smallest and lightest satellite handset offered by Globalstar. Use your sat phone in the places where your cell phones don't work. The optional car kit completes your satellite phone making a complete system in your vehicle, cottage or even boat!

The Globalstar satellite phone system offers clear voice quality, compact design and a simple 10-digit dialing system.

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Two Way Rental and Satellite Phone Rental

VHF radio rentals with a magnetic antenna and cigar power: $45.00/wk or 75.00/month

Globalstar Satellite phone rental: $14.00/ day or $280.00/month

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